Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spoiled Brats Against John McCain

I don't have time right now to link to all the posts across the center-right blogosphere throwing temper tantrums that McCain won Florida and is poised to win the nomination for the Republicans. Suffice it to say that they are plentiful and lots of people are threatening to sit out the election if McCain does win.

Here's my reply: Get over yourselves. You need a spanking and a time out. You need to be convinced to not sit out the election? How about this.

We didn't.

We "RINOs", such as people like me who thought that tax cuts in the middle of deficits were the equivalent of payday loans, didn't sit out the election when Bush was elected. What did we get? Massive deficits. We knew that was going to happen, but we voted for the guy anyway. We voted for Dole and we voted for Bush I. We voted for the airheaded Republican congresscreatures in our districts as well. You're welcome.

So now you want to point to one individual policy or another on the part of McCain and throw a temper tantrum? Thanks, pal. So much for winning the war on terror, replacing ACLU members on the Supreme Court and at least taking a swing at controlling government spending. That's not enough for you, you have to have more.

Well, at least some of us were mature enough to know how to take half a loaf instead of nothing at all. If you need to sit out the election, why not do it in a corner with a dunce's cap on.

The High Priests of "conservatism" bellow out their call to arms: "Waaaaahhhhh!"

When I have some time, I'll go through the blogosphere and add the links so you can read some of their hysterical sobbing.


big t said...

Yeah, McCain won Fla., but the country lost.
If that power-hungry piece of crap Mccain can win the rest of the way with his filthy lies, we'll end up with a Democrat for sure (even if Mccain were to miracle a win in November.)
I'm a "to the core" conservative...and I REFUSE to vote for that media and Democrat-ass-kissing McCain.
And I'll laugh my ass off when the media turns on that IDIOT...if they can hand him the nomination...
If you're a liberal, I'm sure you're happy to hear that. If you truly are s mccain supporter, the joke is on your stupid ass.

Kelly the little black dog said...

Strange attitude from Bit T. Only McCain has a reasonable chance of beating whoever the Mules choose in the primary. electing anyone else or dropping out only guarantees a Mule win.

Anonymous said...

This core conservative is voting for McCain.

Your split will not be from the GOP but from us, the very conservative subset.

Voting for Clinton/Obama is the ultimate betrayl of EVERY SINGLE issue we care about. I can tolerate McCain's liberal antics 17% of the time but I can not olerate your 100% disloyalty. We don't need you Disloyal and non-Issues based Conservatives (DICs).

So go ahead and join Buchanan's paleocons for now and come back when you actually want to work towards some of our conserative values.

Justin said...

big t reminds me why I don't like politics...

K T Cat said...

Kelly, roy and Justin - agree with all you said.

Kelly, what do you think of McCain on the environment?

Anonymous said...


The major radio show hosts are embarrassing themselves every day with their uncontrolled displays of McCain Derangement Syndrome.

Your response is just what the doctor ordered.

Josh Levy

Kelly the little black dog said...

that is a very good question about McCain. A quick look shows that McCain is pretty good on science and the environment. Look for a blog entry later today. One of my favorite angry blogs Dennis Perrin argues that on Policy McCain and Hillary are largely similar, except that McCain has character.

K T Cat said...

Kelly, I think a McCain-Hillary race would be a blowout for just those reasons.

Kelly the little black dog said...

I put together a little comparison of the candidates on science tech and environmental policy.