Friday, January 04, 2008

Fred Thompson Wins Iowa

Last night's results from Iowa were about as good as you could possibly hope for Fred Thompson. Mike Huckabee dealt what some consider a mortal wound to that pandering creep, Mitt Romney. Huckabee's populist, evangelical message won't play in the big states like New York and California and it's hard to see how you can win without those. After McCain thrashes Romney in NH, that will narrow the field down to three candidates, Fred, McCain and Rudy. Fred will be the only conservative left.

In fact, once McCain crushes Mittens in NH, Fred will be the only conservative remaining then.

Bypassing New Hampshire, Fred now moves into a home game against Huckabee in South Carolina. With Mitt effectively out of the race, I'm hoping Fred will pick up some big endorsements there. The conservative Republican establishment will continue to pound on Huckabee and I'm hoping Mitt's erstwhile supporters will shift to Fred. Fred is still the dark horse candidate and is way short on cash, but his future just got a good deal brighter.

Go Fred!

Update: I should probably say Fred will be the only orthodox conservative left in the race. I would be pretty happy with a McCain nomination. I love the fact that he voted against Bush's tax cuts because there were no associated spending cuts.

Other takes: Captain Ed calls this a body blow for Romney and sees it helping Rudy.

RiehlWorldView completely misses the point and claims that Romney lost because he was too negative. No, Romney lost because he's like an onion - he has no core.

Redstate has this as a win for McCain. I agree with that assessment as well.

SoCalPundit agrees with me.

StopTheACLU has video from Fred's campaign last night.

Babalu Blog comes to the same conclusion.


Carl said...

Huckabees huge victory among Evangelical Christians just further alienates me from the Republican Party (for which I am currently a member, although I do not know for how much longer).
As a Christian myself, I refuse to go along with the one issue politics of Huckabee and Evangelicals. Huckabee is not on par with many core beliefs of Republicans (myself included) and my own experience with Evangelicals both in general and politically has shown them to be very hypocritical “Sunday Christians”.
Also the Evangelical disdain of Romney simply because of his Mormon faith further disgusts me.
I hope that either Thompson or Romney can prove Iowa wrong, if Huckabee wins the nomination, I am NOT voting Republican (which I am not on my local candidates anyway)

Carl; My Thoughts

K T Cat said...

Amen to that, Carl. Except the part about Romney. He's too much of a creep for me.

Anonymous said...

Best we can do is suck it up and move on. I know that I will be doing my part to help Fred win the Wyoming caucus tomorrow. Let's hope he does well in NH!

JohnAnnArbor said...

Wonder if Fred has any chance here in Michigan. Remember, Romney's dad was governor here, and before that he led American Motors-Jeep.