Friday, January 04, 2008

Obama's Win is Surprising Only to the Press

On the Democratic side, the press is all a-twitter over Barack Obama's victory in Iowa. It's a seminal moment in America, according to them, the victory of a black man in a lilly-white, heartland state.

What a load of manure.

The country has not had a significant race problem in decades. For example, when Michael Vick was caught in his dog fighting crimes, the reaction on unmoderated sports message boards in the deep South was something like, "Why couldn't he have been more like Deuce McAllister?"

The racism industry has had the media by the throat for years, giving it what it wanted - controversy and conflict. It's hard to make a compelling news story out of a beautiful moment like the one below that I captured at a local Special Olympics, but it's easy to drag one out of Al Sharpton screeching about racism on a panel of soundbiting loudmouths.

America is not racist. We haven't been racist for a long time. It's time to drop that theme. In fact, Iowa proves that this is the case. If not, you would have to believe that up until a short while ago, Iowa was racist and suddenly Barack Obama changed their minds.

TigerHawk, an Iowan, has a good analysis on this.

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