Monday, January 07, 2008

Awesome Sunset

Tonight's sunset gave me my favorite sunset video ever. It's about 2:30, but it keeps changing throughout the video. The song is the B-52s playing Follow Your Bliss.



Dean said...

Wow. Very cool. Now having seen the footage, I'll play a little armchair quarterback... ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky".

Rose said...


K T Cat said...

Thanks, Rose. Dean, I would use Mr. Blue Sky for a sunrise that leads into, well, blue skies.


Dean said...

"Mr. Blue, you did it right but soon comes Mr. Night, creepin' o'er you, now his hand is on your shoulder - never mind, I'll remember you this way..." Sunrise/Sunset... I think it works both ways. But hey, I'm getting bogged down in semantics - great work, KT. Looking forward to seeing more of those.