Friday, January 11, 2008

Fred Thompson Runs Wild in the South Carolina Debate

I didn't see the debate, but the blogosphere is white hot with praise for Fred Thompson's performance in the South Carolina debate last night. StopTheACLU has a great round up of reactions. Dig this major league smackdown of Mike Huckabee by Fred.

Even Mittens' lap dog, Hugh Hewitt, claims that Fred won the debate, perhaps the first time in months that Hugh has claimed anyone on the planet has done anything better than Mittens.

Update: I just watched much of the debate over at YouDecide2008. Fred was smokin'!

The losers were Rudy and Mittens. They simply disappeared. Ron Paul is clearly insane, so I don't think judging his debate performance really matters. Huckabee did very well. McCain fell somewhere in between.


B-Daddy said...

I am not going to dispute the assessment that Fred won, I only saw about fifteen minutes of the debate. But I did have some observations. McCain very effectively slammed Romney with "straight talk" about jobs. He correctly pointed out that, despite Romney's feel good rhetoric, some jobs are never coming back to Michigan, nor should they IMHO. Ron Paul, insane though he may be, was spot-on regarding the root cause of the current housing slump. He correctly pointed out that low interest rates had exacerbated the bubble. I really get annoyed with him as well, but he often makes insightful comments on economics that none of the other candidates seem to grasp.

K T Cat said...

b-daddy, I have to admit I fast forwarded past McCains smackdown of Mittens. Thanks for the tip! I was looking forward to that, so I'll have to go back and watch the very beginning.

Ron Paul has some of the right ideas, but he's a utopian and his overall thought process doesn't reflect the real world. I think he ought to be excluded from future debates.

Exurban Jon said...

This has to be the most bizarre election seasons in my memory. I'm just thankful Hewitt has a warm place to retire after the primaries.

I'm just hoping Fred keeps using that IV of Red Bull in every debate.

Dean said...

... and do you know why they are no longer virgins?

...because of Fred? Go Fred!

Dr. Lemming said...

How can you leave Fred in the debates and remove Ron, when Ron got eight times as many votes in NH?

K T Cat said...

Because Ron Paul is insane.

Rose said...

LOL. Agreed.

Foxfier said...

Another reason to remove Ron Paul: it's flat-out stupid to have someone from a different party running for the republican nomination.

He wants to make a big deal of how he's Libertarian?


Run as a third party. (again)

(I'd be pleased if he'd give Huckabee a push to "sane Democrat" on his way out, but I haven't had THAT much to drink yet. ;^P)