Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Feline Theocracy Hosts the Carnival of the Cats

Welcome to this week's Carnival of the Cats! Our host and the Maximum Leader of the Feline Theocracy, K T Cat herself, will now open the Carnival with an invocation.

Oh Lord, we beseech thee, bring all of these kitties tuna in their bowls, sunbeams on their sofas and fresh catnip rubbed on their toys. Amen.

With that, let's get started. This week we have many tails to tell.

Tails of Heroism

Catherine Cantieri presents The first casualty of pet ownership is dignity posted at I am screaming and punching myself.

Jacki Wolfe presents Sophie: Forsaking all toys for the care of her kit... posted at Keeping in Touch.

howtoholdacat presents How to Pill a Cat posted at How To Hold A Cat Without Losing An Eye.

Megan presents Bad Kittens Five posted at Bad Kitty Cats.

Marilynn presents Special kitty-mom posted at Momma Grace & Company.

Tails of Beauty

Aloysius presents A pear-shaped cat quarrels with his muse posted at Catymology.

Rahel presents Missy and Her Ladyship: Friends At Last? posted at Elms in the Yard.

Mog presents Tongue ‘n Toes Thursday #10 posted at Mind of Mog.

Allan presents Sigh posted at AllanThinks.

leucanthemum b presents Friday Catblog: Matinee Idol posted at composite drawlings.

ACM presents Thursday kittens posted at Just Between Strangers.

Omnibus Driver presents The Divine Miss Marilyn is feeling demure today. posted at Leslie's Omnibus.

Omnibus Driver presents Friday Cat Blogging posted at Lincoln State Cat Club.

maggie katzen presents this is typical of so many afternoons posted at maggies meanderings and shameless plugs.

john presents Close-ups posted at StrangeRanger.

Sissy Willis presents Oedipus Ax posted at sisu.

Tails of Happiness

Monkeybizness presents Good news story posted at Monkeybizness.

Blueberry presents Catblogging - Alex is filling out his form posted at Texas Oasis.

srp presents Mr. Rhett and His Doll posted at Mélange.

Tails of Relaxation

Elisson presents TUMMY TUESDAY posted at Blog d'Elisson.

Mog presents All Of Us posted at iInfidel.

srp presents Napping, Always A Good Choice posted at Mélange.

Mog presents Love Me Pet Me Love Me posted at Mind of Mog.

Wes Phillips presents Stereophile: Are You Experienced? posted at Stereophilia.

Maya presents Baby Wylie posted at Babyfied.

John + Pat presents Friday Cat Blogging: Kelly, you rock posted at It's all Good..

Mog presents Tummy Tuesday #39 posted at Mind of Mog.

Tails of Fine Dining

Michelle presents Ways to increase your cat?s water intake posted at When Cats Attack.

Tails of Adventure

jams o donnell presents just a ted in a (smaller) box posted at The Poor Mouth.

Debra presents The Brothers posted at MANX MNEWS.

Mog presents Having Second Thoughts posted at Mind of Mog.

Sissy Willis presents "The lamest Nor'easter I've ever seen" posted at sisu.

Lab kat presents Friday Cat Blogging: Clean Sheet Edition posted at Lab Kat.

Cassie presents Feline Friday: Inspection Time! posted at Scribblings.

barry campbell presents Guest catblogging: Buddy the Wonder Cat posted at enrevanche.

GrannyJ presents The Balloons Look Down posted at Walking Prescott.

Laughing Muse presents Cat…in the bag on Title Deleted for Security Reasons posted at Title Deleted for Security Reasons.

There's a Panther on the Prowl in this late entry to the Carnival. Check it out!

Tails of Mystery

Cassie presents Wordless Wednesday posted at Scribblings.

Susan presents Busted posted at pages turned.

Chris Dolley presents International Nocturnal Kittens of Mystery posted at Chris Dolley's Page.

Wes Phillips presents Stereophile: We Are Not Amused posted at Stereophilia.

Megan presents The Ghost In Me posted at Bad Kitty Cats.

Valerie presents Cat Food Recalled posted at Val's Bien.

Mog presents Mind of Mog » The Recall Expands posted at Mind of Mog.

Sissy Willis presents Breathtaking banality posted at sisu.

And a great finale, one of my favorites of the week...

A Love Story

Kimberly presents Feline Friday: My new chair posted at Music and Cats.

Whew! We're exhausted. Just look at how beat our Maximum Leader is.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to submit something and a big thank you as always to the blogfather of the Carnival of the Cats, Laurence Simon.

Take care and God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Our most sincere apologies for arriving late, the Mistress having been distracted by a cold and a series of good books, but our latest story can be found at .

Aloysius said...

Thanks for hosting! See you next week at Catymology!