Monday, April 09, 2007

If we Lose at Soccer to Iraq we Know who to Blame

Check out this video of Americans protecting and caring for Iraqi kids. The whole thing made me smile. Because of the population distributions of both groups, it's a good chance that these were Christian Americans taking care of Moslem Iraqi kids. Not converting them, but protecting them so that they could grow up safe, healthy, successful and free. So much for this being a racist, imperialist war.

Meanwhile, the enemy was blowing up markets full of these little guys and their moms.

Any questions?

Update: A few days ago I posted another really nice video I found. You can see it here.

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Ron Pereira said...

Amen KT! By the way... I would like to subscribe to your blog via RSS (I really do like your blog... especially all the LSS talk). Perhaps you may want add a RSS feed. I use feedburner over at my blog. Just a thought. Cheers.