Tuesday, December 07, 2021

We Can't Arrest Our Way Out Of This

The smash and grab raids taking place in the deep blue cities are more an indication of the breakdown of civilization and less an indication of the breakdown of law. These raids were always possible. In infantry combat terms, if you can apply substantial force in a small area before the defenders have time to react and you can extract your units just as fast, you will almost always win.

The ability to make these raids was there before, but I would argue that two catalysts have arisen that have changed the equation for the thieves.

  1. Thanks to our obsession with race, the cops have been encouraged to leave the force, leave the streets or leave off strict enforcement of the law. The risks for the raiders have been reduced substantially. Also, if the theft is less than $950, they only face misdemeanor charges.

  2. Also thanks to our obsession with race, the culture is howling that blacks are oppressed. This solves the morale problem among the thieves. That is, they now have enough motivation, in the form of racial grievances, to strike targets that were always there, but seemed not worth the risk. Now, they're warriors on a crusade, fighting oppression in addition to doing a little shopping.

I've seen plenty of essays and heard plenty of interviews that claim stricter policing and more incarceration is the answer. They are not because they don't scale. We're dealing with a massive increase in the number of thieves, primarily because of point 2 above. Just for the sake of argument, if what used to be 4 people willing to rob a place has become 30 people willing to rob it, it will be impossible to add sufficient cops, courts and jails to cope. If enforcing the law is our solution, we better be ready to build big POW camps on the order of the ones we had in WW II.

Camp Sam Houston in Texas, which housed 4,000 German POWs. Are we going to build these again?

What can scale? Families. I know this is controversial these days, but each thief came from the union of one man and one woman. That scales by definition. The family is our first line of defense. It's the part of civilization that is supposed to civilize. When that fails, as some inevitably do, the next lines of defense are designed assuming that only a small fraction have failed. 

The other thing that scales is our education system. It simply must be de-Nazified. We can't stop teaching our children that Jews Whites oppress Germans Blacks everywhere, every day soon enough. Without the morale boost that comes from false righteous rage, most of these smash and grab raids will stop. If the thieves saw the shop owners as fellow Americans and fellow children of God, they'd have kinship and compassion for them.

Anyway, that's my $0.02.


Mostly Nothing said...

Being a little right of center, I do try to be as balanced as I can in looking at news. Politics has failed the country. The right has abandoned the big cities. They don't even try. And the left has destroyed them as a result. No idea is too stupid for the left to champion.

I'll put out the knock on your family idea. While it is right, it still has problems. Chief among them are that families are made of people, and there are a huge number of failures as human beings in the group call people. The 15 year old in Michigan that murdered classmates with his Christmas present. His parents are a waste of space on my planet. I want them off.

tim eisele said...

The thing I am wondering about is, why now? Smash & Grab has been a viable burglary tactic for ages, and the police have always been relatively ineffective against it. The only thing that has really been stopping it in the past, is that the shop owners can arrange their stores so that the stuff you can grab quickly is either not all that valuable, or not easy for an individual to sell. If you grab merchandise priced at, say, $1000, actually selling it again for anything like that price is likely to be as much work as getting a real job[1].

I'm not really convinced that the number of people who are willing to commit this particular crime has actually increased all that much. But, one thing that has changed recently, is now you can go online and sell stuff with reasonable anonymity through ebay, shopify, as an Amazon affiliate, or probably dozens of other sites. Suddenly. fencing that $400 purse is a lot easier than it was in the old days, when you had to take it to a crooked pawnshop who might give you $40 for it, assuming that he thought it was worth the risk to deal with you at all.

Nowdays, it actually makes sense to hire gangs to just go out and randomly grab high-priced stuff, load it into a truck, haul it to some other city (or maybe even smuggle it out of the country), and sell it online at your leisure to customers all over the world, without anyone ever being able to prove that what you are selling was stolen, or in most cases even be able to connect you with the original crime in the first place.

[1] In the "Raffles, the Gentleman Cracksman" stories, written back starting in 1898, Raffles was constantly complaining that jewel theft was nowhere near as profitable as everyone thought, because a jewel "worth" tens of thousands of dollars would only actually bring a few hundred dollars from a fence, and he couldn't just shop it around for a better price because there was always a chance that anyone he offered to sell it to might turn him in instead.

Mostly Nothing said...

Tim, living where you live, you are insulated a bit from the mania of the far left. Sure, being at an University, you do get many liberal thoughts and attempts at action. For example the kid that the University railroaded and expelled a couple years ago. And the actual aggressor that it protected.

But you really don't see how the political "leaders" of the big cities (closest to the countries tallest buildings have systematically destroyed any notions of person responsibility, and fostered the victim mindset. They criminalize the good guys, and glorify the bad guys into sainthood. One bad cop doesn't mean you dismantle the police.

In effect, the political "leaders" have told organized crime, to go ahead and do what you want. The gangs and feral youth are obliging.

Anonymous said...

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K T Cat said...

Quick answer to one of Tim's points:

I'm reading a book about the Korean War right now. One of the points made in the book is that soldiers will fight (read: people will take risks) if they believe the cause is noble, just and they are fighting evil. That's precisely what the modern Nazi movement has wrought. Whiteness is evil and capitalism is a manifestation of whiteness. It must be dismantled. What better way to dismantle it than to smash and grab.

That's not the only reason, but it's a contributing factor.

The other reasons would include fewer police, police more reluctant to use force, an far-left DAs decreeing that theft under $950 is a misdemeanor.

tim eisele said...

Mostly Nothing:
Yeah, that is kind of a problem, I really have no first-hand knowledge, and precious little second-hand knowledge, of what the hell is really going on in the cities. The only thing I can go by, is that whenever there is news about areas that I actually *do* have first-hand experience in, anything bad is typically exaggerated, and their understanding of what is really going on is comically inaccurate.

Anonymous said...

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