Monday, December 06, 2021

Smash And Grab And Get Out Of Dodge

Smash and grab raids are working well. The gangs are able to put overwhelming numbers of motorized infantry into a single spot, make their raid and then escape before the cops can react in sufficient numbers. Their reasoning is sound. Even if they get caught, stealing anything below $950 is considered a misdemeanor and will result in a traffic ticket. That's OK, because almost none of them get caught.

The problem is a nearly insolvable tactical one for the police. By the time you know one is in progress, it's almost over and many of the thieves are gone. Meanwhile, the stores are getting crushed. In San Francisco, it's led to high-end stores being boarded up during working hours. Dig this video.

How does this end? Who wants to live in a city where the nicest shops have plywood over their windows like they were expecting a hurricane?

With each new development, the number of reasons to stay in San Francisco shrinks. If it were, me, I'd be preparing to move. I wouldn't want to wait until property values started to drop.


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Ohioan@Heart said...

Smash and Grabs?!? What are those? That paragon of intelligence and common sense,AOC, doesn’t believe they are real (I was going to type that she “didn’t think” they were real - but AOC and “didn’t think” is redundant). See her quote at 2:12 in this:

She is to intelligent discourse, what CNN is to legitimate news.

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