Saturday, December 11, 2021

Madonna And Nancy Reagan

One of my favorite tradfem Twitter accounts is Classically Abby. She recently posted this gem and it went viral.

Many tried to inform Abby that Madonna was hot and stylish and cool and Nancy was ten kinds of evil, but it all sounded hollow. Here's why.

  • Obesity is up
  • Anxiety is up
  • Marriage is down
  • Childbirth is down
  • Sex is down

Madonna was one of the cultural leaders that drove us into that particular ditch. Abby was simply pointing to a better way and it is better. The scoreboard doesn't lie. The modern generation are the Detroit Lions of personal relationships.

It's one thing to be on a team that goes 1-14-1, it's quite another to brag about it. It's still another to think that the rest of us don't see it. The androgyne working the checkout counter at your local hipster restaurant is a member of a generation of fat, anxious, lonely losers. It's not a secret. Scoreboard.

Still, we have to listen to the "Ha ha ha, prudes!" Nancy was a stiff and Madonna, unable to properly move body parts due to the scars of plastic surgery and wearing a hideous, uncomfortable outfit made from a raincoat, writhing around on a bed in front of cameramen, lighting people, make up artists and who knows who else, is what we all want to be when we're 63. She's a winner.

Just like the Lions.


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Kelly the little black dog said...

Madonna was raised a Catholic, Nancy was not.

Mostly Nothing said...

And I remember laughing when she said she was still a good Catholic.

Just because a person is told/taught something doesn't mean they hear/put into practice that thing.

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