Thursday, September 16, 2021

Castles In The Warming Air

One of the themes of this blog is the long-term effect of destroying trust in all of our institutions. What are we supposed to do when a real crisis hits and we can no longer believe anything we hear?

Dig these two items.

A drone photo of illegals underneath the International Bridge in Del Rio, TX. They don't need the vaccine because shut up.

Restrictions on student behavior at Brown University, which is part of the Ivy League, where over 90% of the student body is vaccinated.

Nothing from our institutions and authorities makes sense because they don't care if it makes sense. They live in a world of unreality, in a world of castles in the air.

The Environmental Movement Floats Away Into The Sky

Our institutions and authorities are at least as concerned about the environment as they are about the Wuhan Flu. Well, not the real environment all around us, but the global environment. Dig this video from the streets of Philly.

Yes, the addicts are stunningly horrible, but to tell you the truth, having lived with some in my family, I've seen it before. What hit me was the trash. Most of Los Angeles looks just the same. LA and Philly are both run from top to bottom by devout "environmentalists" who don't talk about the garbage on the streets.

Their concerns are not real. None of it is real. The environmentalists only care about the theoretical parts of the environment, the models and graphs and charts showing Global Warming Climate Change. The filth and rubbish washing about in the cities they run, that's not a big deal.

Meanwhile, it's all right in front of our faces.

What on Earth are these people thinking?


Ohioan@Heart said...

"What are we supposed to do when a real crisis hits and we can no longer believe anything we hear?"

That's easy: Listen to the 'leaders' anyways. After all, they know better than we do. Excuse me while I wipe up the puddle of sarcasm off the floor.

If the CA Recall failure means anything it is that a majority of those in CA like being shat upon by our hypocritical betters, as long it isn't Trump.

I really want to get out of CA for good and go somewhere the majority think at least a little more clearly. The Mrs won't hear of it as long as the grandkids are here. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

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