Thursday, August 05, 2021

Who's At The Door?

Well, it's a bit late for that question. How about, "Who's in the dining room?" Dig this.

The "refugees" and "migrants" are as much diversions as anything else. Just who were those chaps getting across the border while the Border Patrol was busy with the families?

Dig this.

They must be migrant refugees looking for a better life, right?

The City of McAllen is sounding the alarm. Catholic Charities is providing a safety valve for them in the form of their Respite Center. It's overwhelmed.

McAllen, Texas alone is at 1900 per day and those are just the ones that go through Catholic Charities. I doubt the dudes in camo and the ones sprinting in behind the families are represented in that number.

These are sophisticated fire-and-maneuver tactics deftly executed by combat veterans in the cartels. The Border Patrol is pinned down, not by gunfire, but by illegals while the cartel strike teams bypass them and go after more lucrative targets. The execution is military, but the goals are financial.

Note: Beyond the border, which is defended by our overmatched Border Patrol, is... wide open space. It's like the French countryside past the Meuse River in May 1940 where Guderian's and Rommel's Panzer divisions could run in any direction they chose, completely unimpeded. All we've got past the border are police and sheriff units. Their actions are restricted by our civil rights laws and are designed to apprehend criminals, not deal with enemy infantry squads.

Backing up to the strategic level, our leaders are concerned with White Rage and Systemic Racism while theirs are interested in drug running and human trafficking. We're emotionally and mentally unequipped for what's unfolding at the border.

If you want a look at who we're facing, check out the State Department's travel advisories for Mexico.

How About The Kids?

I've seen a few things behind the scenes in child and sex trafficking interdiction. Human smuggling for the purposes of sex slavery and child porn is big business. How big? Well, it's big enough to have recruited the BBC for grooming operations in the hopes of normalizing pedophilia.

The Lizard Empire is on the march. Some of it is coming right across our undefended border.

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