Thursday, January 21, 2021

The Homeostasis Of Victimology

I just finished Gad Saad's book, The Parasitic Mind. I've consumed the Gadfather's content on Twitter and YouTube off and on for more than a year now, so much of the book was a clarifying expansion of that. There was one idea in particular that I really loved, one that meshes with Thomas Sowell's take on racial grifters. That is the concept of the Homeostasis of Victimology.

Homeostasis is where a system reacts to the environment to maintain a certain level of something. For example, your body works to make sure your internal temperature stays around 98.6. It sweats when it's too hot and burns calories when it's too cold. Your circulatory system reacts by expanding and contracting itself.

The Homeostasis of Victimology (HoV), works to serve the interests of three groups. Each needs there to be a certain level of "hate" in the culture in order to reap desired rewards.

  1. Race grifters. Robin D'Angelo is out of a job if we suddenly declare that racial hate is no longer a big deal. Dittos for the bug-eyed practitioners of Modern Nazi Race Theory currently haranguing San Diego School District employees.
  2. Democrat politicians. For decades now, the Democratic Party has lived off of massive support from minority groups. If the prevailing view of the country was that income and education were markers of behavior and not racial spoils, they'd be toast.
  3. Social Justice Warriors. There's excitement in putting on your Power Ranger jammies and running outside to cosplay a battle wherein you defend a poor, beleaguered minority from the Forces of Hate™. If we came to the conclusion that the absence of fathers was orders of magnitude more important than hate, these people would have to face real German Shepherds and fire hoses as they strove to drag the culture back towards traditional morality.

This is why the whole injustice industry gets weirder and weirder. Real hate is more difficult to find every day. Just as your body goes into overdrive to maintain its temperature in a snowstorm, our culture has gone into overdrive and discovered microaggressions, systemic racism, implicit bias and more. It's working to maintain a constant level of perceived hate.

This also explains why they must crush freedom of speech. Allowing others to talk would make it so much harder to maintain their required levels of faux injustice. Imagine what would happen in the average person was exposed to Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro. If it was discovered that the most popular pundits on the Right were the philosophical heirs of MLK, the game would be over. Crushing communication channels is like putting on a parka in a blizzard. It's a defense mechanism by an organism threatened by the environment.

I've moved on now to The Great Courses' An Economic History of the World since 1400. It's beautifully done and I've learned a ton already, even though I'm only 10% of the way through it.

I explained all of this to Lily, but she was less than interested.


tim eisele said...

True as far as it goes. I'd just like to point out, though, that wanting to wrap oneself in the Cloak of the Victim is found all across the political spectrum. All those people complaining about how they are being persecuted by unnamed "social justice warriors" are trying to cast themselves as victims just as surely as anyone else.

There's always *some* grounds that any given person can use to claim that they are a victim. The challenge is to not give in to the temptation.

One Brow said...

If it was discovered that the most popular pundits on the Right were the philosophical heirs of MLK,...

It takes a person substantially ignorant of MLK's teachings to think that.

IlĂ­on said...

=="For example, your body works to make sure your internal temperature stays around 98.6."==

Fact Checkers: "Incorrect and/or Misleading Information"


I recently read that the average (present-day) human temperature is actually lower than that. The speculation is that back in the day, when the data establishing 98.6 as the average was collected, far more people than today were chronically running infection-fevers than do today.