Monday, January 25, 2021

Cayenne Flowers

 ... are difficult to photograph.

Cayenne are shortish plants whose flowers hang down towards the soil. The flowers are very small, so getting your camera to focus on the tiny flower and not the leaves around it or the background takes contortions that my body opposes vigorously.

I still managed to get one good shot yesterday. Enjoy.

I had intended to use my small point-and-shoot to film the dramatic skies we had yesterday and produce a time-lapse video to share, but I couldn't find the charger for the camera, so that project had to be canceled. My study is a mess these days, but less of one each week as I slowly work through both my parents' things and cull my own stash of memories.

Life Lesson: Many of the things that matter to you from your life will be inscrutable and worth little to your children. After cleaning out my folks' house, I'm going through my own with a more critical eye.

Hopefully, I'll find that dratted charger soon.


tim eisele said...

Nice flower.

Yeah, I hear you about the charger. The thing that is currently irking me about chargers is that there are a number of them that are standard USB on the computer/power supply end, but the end that plugs into the actual device that needs to be charged is *not quite a USB connector*. My ruggedized Olympus camera has this weird connector that only Olympus uses, and I only have the one cable for it. And we had an annoying runaround with my daughter's Nintendo DS, which looked for all the world like a normal micro-USB connector, but is just *slightly* wider and deeper. And to top it off, it is only *that particular model* of DS that used that specific connector, with the ones before it and after it having their very own specialized connectors. Gah!

And there is no reason for it! They all plug into the same 5-volt USB power supply, they just need the stupid specialized cable!

Ohioan@Heart said...

"Many of the things that matter to you from your life will be inscrutable and worth little to your children."

Yep. That was why when I retired I took all my awards and stuff from work, put them in a box, and threw them out. When someone asked me why I said: "If I take the box home then I either have to remove pictures of my kids and grandkids to create an 'I love me' wall (which I will not do) or I can store the box somewhere (which is what would happen). So I'll just store the box. Then when I die my kids will throw it all out. So by throwing it out now I'm saving them the trouble of tossing it and reduced the clutter in the intervening years."

As time has passed I am more sure that that was the right move.

ligneus said...

One of my brothers in UK used to help a friend doing house clearances when someone had died and after the offspring had taken away anything of value. It would all go to the dump and he said one of the saddest things was nearly always there would be photo albums or boxes of photos of a person's life and nobody wanted them. He used to think that maybe there should be an archive somewhere to keep them, they are after all history.

K T Cat said...

Ohioan, I was indecisive when I retired, so I still have all my awards and patent plaques. Lately, I've been thinking of keeping one or two and throwing the rest away.

I love your name for it - an 'I love me' wall. I've felt the same way. It's kind of gross.

K T Cat said...

ligneus - There are lots of historical photos on the web, but as you say, individual lives of ordinary people are lost in time.