Monday, January 11, 2021

Censorship And Home Inventory

Just a couple of odds and ends today. I had planned on doing some bird photography this morning, but the birds didn't cooperate.

Censorship - What's The Big?

Seriously, who cares whether corporate giants crush free speech? I mean, that's only bad if you ever plan to say anything that causes problems for the corporate giants. 

It's been bothering me for some time that the AP, for instance, hasn't show any interest in Big Tech's suppression of news and views. Being a bit slow, it's taken me a while to figure out that it doesn't bother them because they can't envision a day when they will say anything sufficiently bad about MegaCorp or Chinese slavery.

This guy is long gone. He's been replaced by Pajama Boy.

Houses For Sale

We've decided we're going to sell our rental house here in San Diego soon. We also drove around a different part of San Diego, looking at places with a single story house and a large lot. We're getting older and I still want to do some experimental farming. Wife kitteh is a real estate professional, so she was on the horn with one of the realtors representing a house we thought about buying. That didn't work out, but they started talking about the number of people leaving California.

The realtor said that inventory is really tight right now, but talk about escaping Goober Newsom's Worker's Paradise is growing every day. She expected to see significantly increased inventory of homes for sale throughout the year.

ANTIFA Comes For Thee, Err, Me

While the press reported that Trump supporters were involved in a riot-like altercation in Pacific Beach over the weekend, the videos show something a bit different. ANTIFA goons marched down the boardwalk and ended up attacking the Trumpers.

No worries. I'm sure this won't grow into anything else. As I understand it, ANTIFA is an idea that is mostly peaceful. Also, it's getting easier and easier to translate journalist-speak into what really happened. As soon as I heard the news, I figured the videos would look like they did. Enjoy?

That's all I got for today. Tomorrow, I hope to have some birds.


Kelly the little black dog said...

So according to your third hand sources, someone unimportant in a march made a crass and uncouth comment about Ashli Babbitt’s death and that somehow indicts everyone you disagree with. Were you aware that 24 hours after her death, MAGA and QAnon groups were claiming that she was an Antifa spy and “deserved what happened to her” and that “her death will not be mourned.” Your choice not to mention this suggests that you really don’t give a damn about her death and are just looking for something to whine about. Did you also know that a Capital Police officer was beaten to death by the MAGA/QAnon crowd during the riot. The released video shows over a dozen “patriots” repeatedly striking the unconscious officer. Strange that you fail to mention this and instead get worked up by a largely peaceful protest. One might think you’re twisting the facts to make a cheap political point.

One Brow said...

Even from Ngo's video (and I've seen plenty of Ngo video deliberately edited to make antifa look bad), the antifa protestors are marching, and the Trumpers were the counter-protesters interfering in that march.

Also, what's your opinion on whether people who were breaking windows and jumping through them with violent intent deserve to be shot in self-defense?

One Brow said...

Corporate giants make money from people like Donald Trump. They don't ban sources of income, unless they feel they will lose more money than they gain.