Wednesday, September 16, 2015

First, I Need To Find Out What The Party Thinks

On Facebook, I posted that people defending Planned Parenthood's harvesting of baby body parts is a good model for how the Germans went along with the Nazis in the late 1930s. One of the comments I got back in reply was that the videos accuracy was difficult to ascertain because of the politics involved. It was the perfect reply.

The defense of Planned Parenthood is based almost entirely on politics. Defenders are rallying to the Party as much as anything else, just as Germans who were behind the Nazis would defend their excesses. Most weren't then and aren't now looking at the data with unbiased eyes, but in terms of what the Party tells them. In our case, it's the Democratic Party.

Here's the latest Planned Parenthood video in case you want to check it out. It's as horrible as any of the others.


tim eisele said...

I think the real issue is that, on the one hand, nobody is really comfortable with later-term abortions (Most people probably consider it as being a reprehensible thing, on the order of drowning sacks of unwanted kittens). And if the whole issue was just the question of whether later-term abortions with harvesting of body parts for research purposes, like the ones in the recent videos should be banned, you'd probably have a solid majority on your side.

But, on the other hand, the groups who oppose later-term abortion are also presented as being equally opposed to everything all the way up to condom use and vasecomies, and all the people who think that birth control is OK are afraid that if they give the anti-abortion groups an inch, they'll try to push all the way back to the days when if a woman had sex, she almost automatically ended up pregnant. So the planned parenthood supporters end up defending late-term abortions (which they don't really approve of all that much) for the sake of making sure that the anti-abortion groups don't push the laws all the way to outlawing birth control pills.

I think a lot more people would agree with you than you expect, if you could just reassure them that you wouldn't then immediately push beyond where they want to go.

Trigger Warning said...

Any person of normal intelligence who views the killing of a viable child by sucking its brains out as the moral equivalent of drowning kittens is demented. What's next, a version of HSUS and a spay and neuter program for people?

And it's not hard to find agreement in this world as long as you promise other people they won't be inconvenienced in any possible way by your views. It's also known as the Gallic shrug. Stick with the hydrogen bubbles, bro.

tim eisele said...


Excuse me? I was using drowning kittens as an example of a thoroughly cruel and rotten thing to do. What do you think it is, a pleasant afternoon activity for young boys or something?

K T Cat said...

TW, I love ya buddy, but could you tone down the comments?

As for the anti-contraceptive crowd, which I may or may not be a part of, I think that the public, if they saw these videos, would be able to fend off the political machinations of the extremists, but at the same time put an end to these Mengele-like experiments.

Trigger Warning said...

Es imposible, seƱor. But I can be quiet...