Sunday, September 27, 2015

Now All They Need Is A Robert E. Lee

In A History of the English Speaking Peoples, Churchill claimed that Virginia seceded over Federal government overreach and not simply over slavery. Catalan is voting today in an election that could be the precursor to secession from Spain for similar reasons. Dig this.
At one polling place in Barcelona, the Josep María Jujol school, 15 voters were lined up before the doors opened at 9 a.m. Marcos Gutiérrez said it was the first time he had been animated to vote in several years, and he intended to back Together for Yes.

“We’ve been mistreated for a long, long time,” said Mr. Gutiérrez, who works in pharmaceutical sales. “Our money flows to Madrid and then the courts there make decisions that interfere with our way of life.”
Hmm. To those of us that value limited government, religious freedom and traditional moral values, that sounds pretty familiar.

Update: And here we go!
Separatists have won a clear majority of seats in Catalonia's parliament, preliminary official results showed on Sunday, in an election that set the region on a collision course with Spain's central government over independence

"Catalans have voted yes to independence," acting Catalan regional government head Artur Mas told supporters, with secessionist parties on track to secure 72 out of 135 seats in the powerful region of 7.5 million people that includes Barcelona.

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