Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Juvenile Fence Lizard

... found (where else?) on a fence! Dig the size of the guy relative to the screw heads on the hinge in the photos below.

I left the images fairly large, so they may be worth a click. More details on fence lizards can be found here.



Unknown said...

Well, isn't that a little cutie!

I like his expression in the last one. He looks slightly like Winston Churchill.

Ilíon said...

Why are they called 'fence lizards'?

Trigger Warning said...

That looks like Blodgett's Fence Lizard to me. It's endangered. That may be the only living specimen. You'll have to move.

K T Cat said...

Tim, I'd not seen that similarity, but now I do. Way cool!

Ilion - because they're often found hanging out on fence posts?

TW - Oh for heaven's sake, it's that Blodgett character again. I thought that after killing the last Blodgett's Gazelle, eating the last Blodgett's Turbot and poisoning that last flock of Blodgett's Flamingos, I'd seen the last of him. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

He's either extremely tiny or that's one HUMONGOUS hinge he's standing on.

(Lee, again. Who's still too lazy to log in, so posting anonymously-ish. Again.)