Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Man, I'd Hate To Be On The Wrong Side Of History

... like Iran is. Here's what lecturer-in-chief President Obama had to say about them.
“That path is now available to a nation like Iran, which, as of this moment, continues to deploy violent proxies to advance its interests,” Obama said. “These efforts may appear to give Iran leverage in disputes with neighbors, but they fuel sectarian conflict that endangers the entire region and isolates Iran from the promise of trade and commerce. The Iranian people have a proud history and are filled with extraordinary petition, but chanting ‘death to America” does not create jobs or make Iran more secure.

“If Iran chooses a different path, that would be good for the security of the region, good for the Iranian people, and good for the world.”
That's telling them! Going back to the old ways of doing business, like using tanks and infantry to crush an enemy, isn't going to make you more secure. Oh sure, you may kill most of your opponents and drive the survivors into Europe, but that's only superficial security, not real security, the type that comes from diversity and inclusion.

Nope, it's all about dialog. And trade and commerce.

Well, dialog, trade, commerce and an occasional ZSU-23-4 (see 3:05 and after).


tom said...

Isolate them from trade and commerce? Seems that their behavior just got the Iranians access to $150 billion dollars. Kind of makes you want to go down to the nearest Federal Building and shout "Grievous Harm to America!" just to see if they'll give you a little cash...

Ilíon said...

If I didn't think that the Usurper-in-Chief is intentionally trying to destroy America, I'd have to think: "What a putz". Instead, it seems that the putzes are those putzes who will not see him for what he is.

K T Cat said...

Ilion, the world will be a better place when chauvinistic, imperialist America has taken down a few dozen notches.

Tom, I'm thinking that's not such a bad idea. I'd be happy with $1500.