Thursday, September 10, 2015

Random Thoughts On The European Invasion

As I read and watch about the invasion of Europe, odd thoughts spring to mind that I thought I'd jot down here. I'm sure more will come, but here's a random sample. Enjoy?

  • The video below is probably a very good one to kick off the list. It's not hysterical or edited to show a certain angle on the invasion. In fact, it seems to me to be pretty typical. These are (mostly) young Muslim men crossing the border from Greece into Macedonia. From there, it's Serbia, then Hungary, then Austria, then Germany. Count cops in the video and do a quick ratio in your head. I saw 5 cops and 2 vehicles and a thousand or so young Muslims. That makes the ratio 200-1. Unless you bring out machine guns and start using them, this is medieval infantry warfare and with that ratio, you're going to do nothing but be instantly overwhelmed.

  • I'm sure the Euros in suits holding meetings in Brussels mean well, but they've lost control of the situation as you can see from a quick perusal of YouTube. The invaders aren't respectful of their new countries, they're demanding. They're demanding and pushy and they outnumber the Euros trying to manage them.
  • If you think the ratio is bad today, wait a day. It will get worse as more and more invaders arrive. I would think that the army will eventually be called out, but who knows?
  • The invaders have been through war. They know what dead bodies look like, they know guns and grenades and knives and violence. The Euro cops are used to dealing with Euro criminals and drunks. When you watch videos of the skirmishes, the confidence is all on the side of the invaders. The Euro cops give off a feel of uncertainty - how far should they go in trying to control the invaders? Is this permitted, is that? Will I have to fill out forms when I get back to the station house?
  • If I were a Euro cop, I'd start thinking about calling in sick. Desertion is going to be a problem for the Euros. No one is going to stand up to 200-1 odds day in, day out.
  • If I were a Jew in Europe, I'd be putting everything up for sale and getting out. Now.
  • Terror plots in Europe have been foiled through the interception of electronic communications. How many of these invaders are couriers?
  • The Euros have rules for accepting refugees. Each refugee or refugee family has to fill out forms. No one is filling out any forms as far as I can see. All the hot air coming out of the Euro leaders is dissolving in the face of the invasion. Their writ no longer runs.
  • The southern European countries would be wise to set up mass transport for the invaders. Think of it as a bathtub with a spout and a drain. You don't want these people in your country and you certainly don't want them piling up. They don't give a hoot about you, your museums, your buildings, none of it. Check out the videos of Lesbos where the Greeks made the mistake of letting 20,000 of them collect. The place is a catastrophe. The invaders aren't going to clean that up, the Greeks will.
  • The Euro elite and the Euros in general don't feel, in their bones, that they have any skin in the game. They all live in a fantasy world. No one is talking about what they'll have to give up to house the invaders as they've paid for everything with printed money for so long. The ECB will just print more and the Euros can go back to their porn and weed feeling morally superior.
  • In WW II, the strategic bombing campaign by the Allies against the Nazis was most effective when it went after transportation centers. Think about what's going on here in terms of disrupting transportation. Rail centers are being mobbed, highways filled with hikers, bus systems overwhelmed and so on. If you own a company and need to ship your widgets from Stuttgart to Athens, how much longer will you be able to do that reliably? What happens then?
  • The Euros have no idea who these people are because they're not coming in an orderly fashion. It's guaranteed that they are importing all sides of an intractable, multi-sided conflict. On Lesbos, there was a skirmish between Afghan and Syrian refugees. More of that on the way?
  • There have been some videos of Euro cops with surgical face masks to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. When only 1 in 5000 of the Euros coming in contact with the invaders has even that minimal protection, your country isn't protected at all from microbial invasion.
My synthesis of the situation is that this is the collision of the fantasy world of the secular, progressive, post-modern West with the reality of war and economics. I know I've said that before, but it keeps leaping out at me.

What's your take on all of this?


Jedi Master Ivyan said...

I think I need to visit the cathedrals I really want to see, before they're turned into mosques.

I'm very worried about tomorrow: September 11 + threats against service members and their families + "refugees" flooding Germany. Hopefully nothing happens.

J Motes said...

Powerline examined Angela Merkel's push to accept more refugees and concluded that she is looking for workers. Germany has a severe labor shortage due to population decline. The young men you describe in this post do not sound like they will turn into valued employees any time soon, if ever. If Merkel thinks these barbarians are the answer to her prayers, then she is beyond irrational.

Ilíon said...

This is another instance of the Green March. That is, it is indeed an invasion.

And, by the way, the government of Mexico -- with the active collaboration of the Dems and RINOs -- is, and has been for many years, employing the strategy of the Green March to subvert the Union.