Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Fruits Of Gross Historical Ignorance

... include the elections of Jeremy Corbyn and Barack Obama. The problem is the voters, not the politicians.

Preface: This post is prompted by a tweet from Dean and this article about Corbyn, the new head of the Labour Party in Britain.
This is a historical fact: Evangelical Christians, operating within the British parliamentary system, with the explicit power of the Royal Navy, put an end to the trans-Atlantic slave trade.

For the life of me, I can't think of anyone else, ever, for any reason at all, who put an end to a large-scale slave trade. There might be an example or two, but none come to mind. Whatever faults the British might have, this they did.

This was never taught in my daughter's public school history classes even though slavery and civil rights occupied the majority of the lessons. This is just one particularly egregious example of anti-Western bigotry in academia and the education industry. There was plenty to choose from in my daughter's textbooks. The elections of Barack Obama and Jeremy Corbyn are symptoms of an educational establishment in both countries which is willfully historically ignorant in support of a political point of view.

The self-loathing progressives that elect such men are products of self-loathing, slanted educations. Corbyn's election has sent shock waves across Britain and elsewhere, but it's not all that surprising when you consider what the electorate has been taught.


Ilíon said...

"The self-loathing progressives ..."

I don't think that progressives loathe themselves, however much that they loathe their nations and their fellow citizens.

K T Cat said...

Good point. Just like the Malthusians don't reach for the sleeping pills and vodka, the progressives don't despise themselves.