Monday, September 07, 2015

You're Going To Take What You're Given And Like It

I read somewhere this morning that Germany has vowed to accept 800,000 refugees. Or something like that. The number is irrelevant because the number is irrelevant. Until Germany and the rest of the EU decide to control their borders, they're going to take as many refugees as Africa and the Middle East can send at them. Unless they really do something about it, something with physical reality like dudes with guns or a big fence with barbed wire, they're going to have to sit there, accept what comes and like it.

I love seeing pictures of the EU ministers or bureaucrats or secular theologians meeting. A bunch of Very Serious People in expensive suits with degrees from Important Universities who talk in long words and make Deep Pronouncements as if anything they did or said mattered. After checking those out, you can go to YouTube and watch a couple of hundred young, Muslim males running here and there, shouting at people, throwing things, charging gates, waving signs or demanding things. It's the collision of secular, post-modern elite thought with hard, cold reality.

It's glorious.

Look at that dude's tie. You're not going to solve any of the world's problems with a tie like that. Pull it together, man, this is serious!
And now, a group of people not wearing ties and without degrees from Important Universities. (Really, if you're not from an Ivy League school or its equivalent, how can you expect to have an impact on the world?)


Anonymous said...

Bookworm Room has an interesting take on the refugees:

K T Cat said...

Fantastic link. Thanks for sharing. I'd go one level of abstraction higher and say that the Euros despise that which they should defend which is why defending it is incomprehensible to them.

Trigger Warning said...

I understand that former Attorney General Eric Holder is being consulted. Apparently, the "refugees" are 75% male... sorry, cis-male, and that is outrageous when viewed from legal disparate impact perspective