Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Little Bit About The Pope

Dean asked, so I'm blogging. I'm traveling to Seattle today and doing this from my phone at the airport, so it will be necessarily terse.

Pope Francis is a master of Tai Chi. He doesn't resist people who disagree with him, but he doesn't change. It's a beautiful thing.

Lots have people have postulated that Pope Francis would change the Church's position on things like gay marriage. It doesn't work like that. Catholic Catechism is philosophical and logical, derived from some basic first principles and science. Using gay marriage as an example, so long as babies come from one man and one woman, the Catechism isn't going to change no matter who is Pope.

Finally, I fully expect that press coverage will be fully American. That is, the only things they will report on will have to do with politics and sex. Whatever. We Catholics will see more than that and will love having him here.

Update: I'm watching Il Papa drive down the street in the Popemobile with thousands of cheering people and him having babies brought to him to be kissed and I've got tears in my eyes. So beautiful!

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Foxfier said...

Wait, what?

Dang it, this is what happens when I don't visit for a while... you're in my area, and I didn't even get to offer to drag the minions out to coffee or something.

You might get a kick out of what the Catholic Geeks blog has come up with to describe the Pope the media keep quoting-- Straw Pope Francis.