Saturday, January 01, 2011

Something To Be Thankful For

2010 was a great year in the Catican, but we don't always show it. Here in our spacious editorial offices, the staff of The Scratching Post scours the Interweb Tubes each morning for odds and ends to comment on and synthesize into larger points. Too often, the stories are negative and commentary filled with scowling. How does that work? Life is beautiful and we're happy, but the blog is scowly. That can't be good. So let's see if we can find something fun to be thankful for. Hmmm. How about a little Bing from Road to Morocco?

And just who do we have to thank? Why, lots of people! Google for YouTube, Cisco for the Interweb delivery system, HP for the laptop where I'm watching it, Microsoft for the OS and browser, Paramount Pictures for the movie ... (Feel free to add to the list if you'd like.)

That's a whole lot of folks working to make sure we could enjoy a little of Der Bingle crooning. That's pretty cool.


Kelly the little black dog said...

Perhaps 2011 can be the year that focuses more on the world of good posts.

K T Cat said...

My wife says the same thing. :-)

Anonymous said...

You could be thankful for the vast imperial government that will ensure your bits on the interwebs are no more or less important than any others! Severe weather warning? Get in line behind my YouTube clips!

Of course there will probably be some exemption for government bits, so soon the best place to surf the web will be a government office...

(catiou. How appropriate here.)