Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh, If We'd Only Had The Interweb Tubes When I Was In College

I went to UCSD in the early 1980s. At that time, the campus was still peppered with aging 1960s/1970s radicals. These balding, ponytailed, grungy hippies were still students and helped act as the intellectual mentors of the hipsters who ran the Che Cafe, the Committee for World Democracy and all the dimwitted, pathetic lefty groups who were mimeographing signs to staple up on walls telling us that Ronald Reagan was going to lead us into nuclear war*.

These perpetual students would have been the perfect targets of this lovely video. Enjoy. (Warning: Some un-'Post-like language included.)

* - He didn't. He won the Cold War. The hippies moved on to other topics. (See also: warming, global.)


tim eisele said...

The video is amusing, but remember that "Graduate School" means different things for different fields: I spent graduate school crushing and processing rocks, finishing up with a 7-month stint running my prototype at a coal mine in Ohio.

And got paid to do it. Not well, but enough that I was saving money rather than running up a debt.

Dean said...

"I'm in a blue grass band"

Freaking hilarious.

Kelly the little black dog said...

I just couldn't stop laughing at this.

"won't pay off my student loads until I'm 47, lets aim for dead!"


"its not unemployment if you pay tuition."

KT, I often think about the fact that going to graduate school cost me almost a decade in earning potential over what you've been able to amass stopping with a masters, and effectively I'm doing the same work you did before becoming a manager.