Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chameleon Cookies

There's one invention that's just begging to be invented to save our homes from unnecessary strife. Chameleon Cookies - cookies that camoflage themselves. In every family household, the moment comes when you're looking for cookies and discover that someone else ate them. If only the cookies could have hidden themselves away! Think of the nasty family fights you could avoid if only you had self-hiding cookies.

There. That's a winning concept, don't you think? How can this be done? Beats me. I'm just the idea man. You guys take it and run with it. We'll split the profits 50-50.


Foxfier said...

Depending on the age of children, keep them in a coffee can.

Or cut the bottom out of a big tin can, and hide them under that in the pantry.

There's always "under the spare garbage bags"-- then NOONE will ever find them!

tim eisele said...

Well, kind of along those lines: I have this bread recipe that has about everything but the kitchen sink in it (it is supposed to cheaply supply all of a person's nutritional needs. My mother gave me the recipe ages ago when I left home, and there have been times when I actually did live off of it).

Anyway, it's just a loaf of fairly heavy bread most of the time. But, if I whack off a slice, toast it, butter it, and sprinkle on some cinnamon sugar - presto! A close approximation to a cinnamon roll!

The transformation takes just enough effort that other people don't eat them (although, when I toast up a slice, I always have to toast two, because one or more little girls always come clamoring around when they see me making it).

ligneus said...

But then you wouldn't be able to find them when they haven't been eaten.

K T Cat said...

Great ideas, all! As for ligneus' objection, I need the cookies to reveal themselves when properly triggered (by me).