Monday, January 03, 2011

From "Unsustainable" to "Unsustained"

Illinois is going over the cliff.
Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Illinois lawmakers will try this week to accomplish in a few days what they have been unable to do in the past two years -- resolve the state’s worst financial crisis.

The legislative session that begins today will take aim at a budget deficit of at least $13 billion, including a backlog of more than $6 billion in unpaid bills and almost $4 billion in missed payments to underfunded state pensions.
The jig is up, but they're deluding themselves just a little bit longer.
Lawmakers meeting in Springfield will consider spending cuts, an expansion of casino gambling and a proposal from Democratic Governor Pat Quinn to borrow $15 billion to pay overdue bills and help fill the budget hole.
It's like watching an alcoholic hit bottom. The solution is gambling and borrowing? Good luck with that, boys.


B-Daddy said...

Amazing. Very nice analogy.

K T Cat said...

The loan part is the scary bit. Illinois' borrowing costs are already high. Finding takers for $15B worth of what look to be junk bonds is going to be very expensive.

K T Cat said...

Oh yes, and thanks for the compliment!