Tuesday, January 11, 2011


... or maybe just Koi.

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tim eisele said...

If you ever happen to get to the Cedar Point amusement park (in Sandusky, Ohio), there is a bridge next to a pond where you can get handfuls of fish-food pellets from little vending machines. When you throw the food into the river, hundreds of monster carp will surge to the surface after them.

Here's a kind of shaky video that somebody took:

When we were there, they were pretty hungry and would come up in such huge numbers that they forced each other up and out of the water. This gave a good chance to get a close look at those big, rubbery carp lips.

If, instead of tossing the food close by, you give it a good heave to under the willow trees about 30 feet back, then instead of carp you get a bunch of big old catfish sticking their heads out of the water, looking like a bunch of grumpy, whiskered old men.