Tuesday, February 09, 2010

This Is What Voting "Present" 130 Times Means

... it means the dude lacks a spine. I think a lot of us saw this one coming.
President Barack Obama has left Democrats as confused as ever about how the White House plans to deliver a health care reform bill this year, after two weeks of inconsistent statements, negligible hands-on involvement and a sudden shift to a jobs-first message.

Democrats on Capitol Hill and beyond say they have no clear understanding of the White House strategy — or even whether there is one — and are growing impatient with Obama’s reluctance to guide them toward a legislative solution.
Well, duhh.


Niall Mor said...

Am I just indulging in wishful thinking, or are the Democrats beginning to realize they got sold a bill of goods when they voted for this guy?

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Dean said...

KT, I think you've got a pretty cool blog too, but what I wanted to say with respect to the Obama administration as pointed out in your posting is: amateur hour.

It's a testament to 200+ years of American democratic inertia that we amble on despite any discernible leadership from D.C.