Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Ady Gil Getting T-boned

I dunno, man. If I've got a corvette coming at me at full speed and I've gotten them mad enough to spray me with fire hoses, I'd be moving at something more than 0.15 knots. Just sitting there waiting to get nailed looks pretty stupid. But then, they wanted it this way.


Kelly the little black dog said...

My favorite part was the Japanese continuing to spray the wreckage with fire hoses. Because running over your boat doesn't send a strong enough message.

K T Cat said...

The guys on the Ady Gil are just lucky they weren't being sprayed with steak sauce.

Foxfier said...

Is or is not piracy something you can shoot folks for?

Eco-terrorism would fall under piracy, especially as they're being paid to harass the Japanese.

tim eisele said...

Indeed. Goading your opponent until he slugs you, and then claiming that he threw the first punch, is a fine old tradition. And why do people keep doing it? Because, regardless of whether you are talking about elementary school kids or anti-whatever protesters, it works.

Incidentally, it was interesting to note that the Japanese who were accused of cannibalism in the war were not prosecuted for that, because cannibalism as such isn't a war crime. As a matter of fact, it turns out that this is pretty common - cannibalism itself isn't actually illegal in most juristictions*. It's just that in order to get human meat to eat, you almost inevitably violate *other* laws, and so there is always something they can nail you for.

[*] I first saw this pointed out in "To Serve Man: A Cookbook for People". The other laws that the author mentioned started with the obvious (kidnapping, assault, murder), but then went on to some that were somewhat less obvious (sale of uninspected meat, unlicensed operation of a hearse, operation of an unlicensed cemetery). It turns out to be really difficult to legally obtain and handle a human corpse (or parts thereof) without being licensed.

Bird of Paradise said...

Greenpeace do as i say not as i do eco-freaks and annoying idiots and pirates as well