Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cheezburger of the Day

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!


tim eisele said...

I never really understood how "birds and bees" got to be the standard euphemism for explaining sex to your kids. They don't seem particularly relevant to humans. Particularly the way the male bees explode their genitalia and die gruesomely when they mate (and the way they get ejected to either freeze or starve to death in the fall if they don't succeed in mating sometime during the year). A lot of birds aren't very relevant either; just to pick one example, if a guy sealed his pregnant ladylove into a treetrunk and fed her through a hole until the kids grew up, he'd be put away. And if male ducks were subject to human laws, they'd all be up on rape charges.

Bird of Paradise said...

Two parakeets should know all about the BIRDS and bees