Tuesday, February 09, 2010

xtranormal at Work?

In the office yesterday, we were discussing how we could use xtranormal to make some interesting videos for work. Rather than just talking through some subject or recording our own boring voices, we could use the text-to-speech-to-movie capabilities of xtranormal to create fun videos. Here's my first take on it.

I wish I could pick different actors with different sets. I love this music studio set, but I want actors from other venues. Hmmm. xtranormal makes a product called State that runs on your machine rather than online. It might be worth a try.


Anonymous said...

That was painful. Much like presentations at work.

Carry on..

K T Cat said...

I found it painful in a charming way. Oh well. Sometimes you can be too far inside of an inside joke.

Gee Why said...

Hmm, maybe, I don't know. Would have to be the right setting for this to work.

K T Cat said...

Uh oh. When you've lost Gee Why, you've got problems. Back to the drawing board!

On another note, is the video blanked out on the right half for anyone else? It looks to me like xtranormal is really struggling to serve the flv file.