Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A Happy Announcement from the Feline Theocracy

With the successful, if somewhat noisy, completion of our first hosting of the Carnival of the Cats, the Feline Theocracy is pleased to recognize the faithful work of one of our close friends.

Justin of Justin's Random Thoughts is hereby named Artist of the Court of the Feline Theocracy for his outstanding work on our new coat of arms.

Please feel free to download it and post it wherever you wish, recalling the dictum of the Theocracy that this graphic should be accompanied by an acknowledgement of the genius that created it, Justin.

All hail the Theocracy!

1 comment:

Justin said...

Wow, thanks. I'll blog about this after I get some sleep.

You should put that in your sidebar along with something about using it to link back to here. I'm going to put it in my sidebar after I get through my list of blog buttons I need to make.