Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Feline Theocracy Hosts Carnival of the Cats

Update - Thanks for the Instalanche, Glenn! Instareaders, please have a look around. In addition to animals, we do comedy, political, World of Good and morality posts here at The Scratching Post.
The Feline Theocracy and our Maximum Leader, K T Cat, would like to welcome all of you to this week's Carnival of the Cats! Let us start this week's Carnival with an invocation from our Maximum Leader.

Oh Most Holy Lord, please grant all of these kitties plenty of tuna, petting and sunbeams. They've been very good. Very, very good. I mean really, really, very good! So lots of tuna. Soon. Amen.

And now, on to the Carnival!

This week's Carnival specialty: cats!

The first group of entries falls under the category of cats.

The incomparable Bonnie and Victor lead off this week with cats in bags.

Cascade Exposures may have the most beautiful photography of the week. Thanks for sharing!

On the other hand, Mensa Barbie's kitty photo is pretty darn good.

This one from Strange Ranger gets a big "Awwwwww!"

Ellison shows us the lovins he gets when he gets home.

Judith has sent in the story of Cyril. He's a stray that has won a gentleman's heart. No wonder.

Valerie's kitty, Bow, does some aerobics for us. Remember, always nap first! Most sports injuries come from sudden starts and stops!

Farmgirl's got a splendid photo of a little bit of Heaven.

The inestimable Laurence Simon weights in with two entries. Piper and her tail.

Jennifer shows us a kitty exhausted from hunting.

Just Between Strangers shows us kittens who have snorted the 'nip.

Beezer has an assistant that helps her get ready in the morning.

Someone is ignoring us at Striving for Average.

GigoloKitty gives us a post that is so terminally cute that it requires an insulin injection before viewing.

The second group of entries falls into the category of more cats.

Enrevanche brings us an old Beatles tune.

TacJammer shows us a tuxedo doing what tuxedos do best. Actually, tuxedos do everything best, so this is really just one thing of many.

Niobium has a black kitty that did something black kitties shouldn't.

Old Controller's cat, Pearl, seems to be taking some of the same things that Barry Bonds took.

Kimberly gets rescued by...a cat!

Yakuza goes high tech with his cat.

My Animal Family has a dream.

Kimberly takes a pause to do some contemplation on paws.

Von Krankipantzen has some photos that are just wrong.

An apologetic, fluffy tuxedo is the order of the day from Manxmnews.

Suprisingly, Kitten Picture sent in a picture of a kitten.

Watermark gives us an animated image of a cat that is very well done!

Melange's cat seems to have stuck its tail in a light socket.

The Common Room shows us an uncommon kitty with an amazing tale!

Texas Oasis gives us Henry the cat and his 'nip bag.

A third set of submissions dealt with still more cats.

Ian Dodge at Dodgeblogium gives us a macabre tale of cats.

The Mind of Mog is keeping us on the edge of our seats with a real cliffhanger as she tries to track down the elusive Izzy! Like any good page-turner, there's more than one chapter. Will Mog be able to solve the problem in time?

Scribblings shows us cats that know just how to foil photographers.

Niobium comes back at us with a gorgeous tortoise shell.

Mr. Toast demonstrates that the only thing better than a cat is two or three or more cats.

The Mind of Mog returns with the one and only...Meowza!

Mog starts this next post claiming that she is really forgetting stuff and goes on to say that she hasn't sent in any links for the Carnival this week. Mog gets points for self-awareness, if not memory. No worries, Mog. We can never have enough of your cats!

Peaches seems to have adopted a boneless, robot cat. Peaches, I might consider hiring an exorcist right about now.

Meryl Yourish shows us that Jodhpurs never really went out of style.

Meryl comes right back at ya with a gorgeous Gracie.

It's baseball season again and Rahel has a benchwarmer on her hands.

Laura over at the Wide Awake Cafe discovers yet again that life with a seafaring cat can be full of surprises! Arrrr, maties!

Lab Kat has a simple request for his owner.

PJ's cat, Rhett, examines some purchases.

Coyote Mercury gives us a tuxedo on his back.

Bootstrap Analysis shows how to curl up in style. Well, two styles to be exact.

It's Athena's birthday and Athenamama celebrates with some pictures of Athena.

Niobium has a sad cat tale. The Feline Theocracy will keep this kitty in its prayers.

Melange sends us some pictures of a cat checking into an unusual hotel.

Catymology shows us that any number of interesting things come in paper bags. Cats, for example.

A Fast Attack Cat is the order of the day at Baronger's place. How about a Littoral Combat Cat, instead?

Lastly, I grouped the remainder of the entries into even more cats.

Ellison has his cat ready for packing and shipping.

Wolf's Den gives us a bad, bad cat.

Over at Middle Fork, Houdini is on the prowl.

Lisa Violet confronts a thief.

Jack Cluth's Siamese is contemplating barbecued tuna.

Leigh-Ann wonders if she's being a good mommy. She plopped her kittens down in front of the tube and let them watch the same things over and over. Don't worry, Leigh-Ann. We've all done it from time to time.

Hobbes over at Where Dolphins Play shows that he is an iron kitty!

Over at Composite Drawlings, Furfur makes sure everyone knows his opinion.

Meemsnyc at Furry Paws shows us Sebastian's new bed. Cute!

Stereophile has two submissions:
Good Lord!

I'm voting for severe gastric distress.

Keewee is playing peekaboo with a reluctant friend.

The Omnibus Driver does her best to get some good photos of Miss Marilyn.

Tata's cat has decided to claim a piece of furniture.

Niobium is a prolific poster. She sent us some pictures of Francesca cavorting at near top speed as well as some very nice, tiny flowers.

Martin over at the Egoist gives us Morris jumping around.

Mr. Completely shows us all that he is completely unclear on the concept. However, he is completely funny!

Athena Momma has some pictures of things that look suspscious along with a cat.

Someone sent in three links to posts with photos of cats and topics that were totally unrelated. The Feline Theocracy declares thee an apostate! To the tuna mines with you!

And that's it for this week. Thanks for coming! Please have a look around at the blog and drop us a line or a link if you'd like.

All the best,
K T Cat

In the comments, you will find a brief catfight that I started through stupidity. All has been resolved. Sissy Willis is the bomb and Kukka-Maria is a good cat with a great blog. Correcting my errors led to a post that will be in next week's Carnival of the Capitalists.


Gigolo Kitty said...

Great job! And what a great kitty-cat!

Sissy Willis said...

"Someone sent in three links to posts with photos of cats and topics that were totally unrelated. The Feline Theocracy declares thee an apostate! To the tuna mines with you!

"Someone," indeed. "Totally unrelated?" Sez who? Tiny and Baby are not amused.

K T Cat said...


It was an editorial decision. While I agree with many of your sentiments, I felt that the Tiny link in particular was unrelated to cats. Yes, you had a picture of a cat, but the meat of your text was nearly catless.

Compare your post with any of the others and I think you'll see what I mean.

All the best,

Kukka-Maria said...

KT Cat...nicely done!

As Mother Superior of the Holy Order of Ocean Whitefish, I fully support your editorial decisions.

Plus, it looks like Sissy got her links posted anyway within her comment. ;) I love passive-agressives!

K T Cat said...

Greetings, Mighty Empress and Mother Superior! We are honored by your presence.

I caught that Sissy snuck in her links anyway, but I decided not to delete the comment. I leave links in other people's comments, so I guess I shouldn't mind it here.

No worries. We celebrated COTC last night by giving our Maximum Leader tuna and catnip. She was pleased. All is right with the world.

jlbussey said...

Good job and thanks for the photography plug! :o)
(Since that's all I blog...)

Mr. Completely said...

Glad you enjoyed my "CAT" blogging! I'll work a little harder on the concept, though...........

.....Mr. C.

Andrew Ian Dodge said...

Its Andrew Ian Dodge but a nice round-up/

I LUV CATS said...

I found the cutest photo on your site.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anyone know where i can find a photoshop tutorial for editing a cat?