Monday, June 21, 2021

It's Not A Crisis

The world is going to pieces. Debt is going to wreck economies across the globe. Society is falling apart.  The destruction of the traditional family is causing a massive, moral breakdown. So many crises are coming!

But are they crises? Isn't it just a reversion to the mean? I've blathered for years on this blog about debt and families. I've talked about how one masks the costs of our actions and the other causes us to make poor life decisions. However, both are self-limiting, particularly when taken together. When our currency ends up devalued through inflation, all of those alternative families who depend on government largesse will have to face reality.

As painful as that will be, it won't be a crisis, it will be a cause to resume sane behaviors. Don't spend more than you earn. Get and stay married. Gain marketable skills. Find meaning in life*.

My advice to myself, which may be applicable to you, is to relax and do those things now. I try to teach our kids to do those things now. In fact, today, I'll be making chicken stock and playing around with some unpublished video from Maui, trying to learn how to make the colors really pop.

If my knee wasn't arguing with me, I'd finish my MGB. Tomorrow, that.

Anywho, I was clicking around the Interweb Tubes, reading how this or that was a crisis when it dawned on me that none of it was. I figured I'd share it with you. Hope you have a fun and productive day.

Yesterday's ribs after 6 hours in the smoker. They were outstanding.

* - "Find meaning in life" is my dog whistle for "become Catholic." ;-)

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