Monday, June 14, 2021

If You Think This Is Bad, Wait A Year

Yes, it's the RNC, so take it with a grain of salt, but still, dig how slow he thinks.

I watched my parents' minds grow dimmer and dimmer as they aged. If President Biden is like this now, imagine what he'll be like in a year. These summits aren't like his "press conferences" where he gets softball questions that are pre-approved and where he can be rested and medicated to be in what passes for top form for an hour or two and then go back to bed. These are grueling back-to-back days where he has to meet with some sharp operators.


Bonus Trump Take: Dude needs to retire, too. He turns 75 today. He wasn't disciplined when he was younger and his bottomless need for attention and adoration made him toxic. Add to that oncoming mental aging and that should be that. Please, President Trump, just go away.


tim eisele said...

Thank you for the note at the end about Trump. This isn't really a partisan issue at this point, since both the Democrats and the Republicans made essentially the same screwup. They did us a real disservice when they both decided that their "best" candidates would be septuagenarians that were well past their mental peaks (and, for that matter, have pretty high odds of being incapacitated or dead before 2024). The primary systems of both parties are clearly so screwed up as to be useless at this point, they may as well just have their candidates draw straws to see who gets to be the nominee for each party.

Mostly Nothing said...

Biden must think be the President is a breeze. You give a short speech every few days, and a bunch of young people tell you that you did great, give you a cookie, and take you back to your room for a nap.

He is a puppet, that was acceptable to the rank and file, but is not the leader of the free world. If that even exists anymore.