Saturday, October 19, 2019

They're So Cute When They're Sleeping

Wife kitteh is off leading a women's retreat this weekend*. Normally, I throw a party for some of the men on such weekends, but this time, I've decided to have a quiet time by myself.

I watched a movie, nommed on some catfish and hushpuppies and went to bed early last night, around 9 PM. I fell asleep almost immediately. It was wonderful.

Around 10, I woke to hear a dog going, "BLORRRRRG" followed by a splashing sound. I immediately knew it was Bodie, barfing off the side of the bed onto the carpet. He's got a sensitive stomach and pukes from time to time. This is the first time he'd done it in bed.

It got worse. Much worse.

Bodie came over to me, looking for some sympathy. He then puked onto the bed itself. I was able to leap out of bed and roll up the sheets before it soaked through to the mattress. I took it downstairs and threw it in the washing machine. I cleaned up some of the barf on the carpet, but left most of it for the next day, today.

We all then went downstairs to sleep in a different bed. The dogs are always confused and distressed when one of us is gone. Moving to a different bedroom really spooked them. They weren't sure where to go, so for the next twenty minutes, you could hear them wandering around upstairs before they came down and joined me.

I was able to get some sleep, but without the CPAP, which I was too tired to move, I had spasms all night. Argh.

Around 2 AM, Pepito decided to start barking, letting everyone know he was lonely or having a nightmare or just making a power play for attention. He sleeps in the family room on the couch and likes to be covered as he's old and gets cold easily. I went out and laid with him, covering him up again. He was really frightened by something and was shivering. It took a long time to get him settled.

By now it was 3 AM. I tried to get back to sleep. Going back to bed, all three of the other dogs, completely disoriented by the night's festivities, decided to pace around on the bed, looking for somewhere to lay down. The downstairs bed is much smaller than ours upstairs, so I got stepped on, pushed, cuddled, licked, prodded and pestered for petting.

I gave up on sleep and went to make coffee around 3:30 AM. The dogs got their morning treats and promptly went right to sleep in complete peace and comfort.


I'm nervous! Give me love and petting!

I don't feel so good. I think I'm going to ... BLARRRGGHHHHH

I love you so much, daddy! I'm going to lick you and lick you and lick you and lick you and lick you and lick you!

I'm scared! Come comfort me!

* - This is a big deal and I couldn't be prouder of her. She has prepared prayerfully and has shown so much love to all of the women involved. I know they're going to have a lovely weekend and will come out inspired.

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