Friday, October 18, 2019

I Am So Over It

For the love of God, is it asking too much to have an efficient and quiet class of Elites? Dig this from Peggy Noonan and General Mattis, inspired by The Donald.

I usually find this stuff vaguely amusing and take it with a grain of salt, but for whatever reason, this one broke the camel's back. It's exhausting. Trump has been a pretty good president and I agree with about 85% of what he does, but can we please just have a break from the schoolyard taunting?

Trump's not even the worst. I guess our elected representatives are trying a new angle of impeachment. What is this, the seventh one they've rolled out or something? Each one is more stupid than the last to the point where I can't even name the high crime or misdemeanor Trump is supposed to have committed. It's some kind of phone call to the Ukraine, isn't it? A phone call? Really?

Meanwhile, Hunter Biden was clearly given massive bribes from powerful Ukrainians aimed at his dad who was vice president and eager to take those bribes. Like that's not immediately obvious to everyone.

So we talk about impeaching a president for making a phone call asking for an investigation of blatant corruption while that same president brags that he's a better general than his generals. Which recalls Obama saying he was a better X than his experts at X. Which didn't get wide reportage because Obama.

These days, the national debt is out of control, inner city culture is a dumpster fire, opioid addiction and suicide rates are rising, the homeless in our cities are increasingly made up of hopelessly brain-fried drug addicts and our universities are teaching our children that you can choose your gender. What do we get? Impeachment spasms and 3rd grade tweets.

These people are the worst.

On the plus side, my tobacco plants are now 2' tall.


tim eisele said...

"I agree with about 85% of what he does"

Maybe, but that other 15% is pretty bad. He owns a huge share of the responsibility for the national debt. I'm pretty sure that the only thing keeping the economy looking good on paper is the fact that he's paying for it with borrowed money. And he didn't need to do it. He *chose* to accelerate the bankruptcy of the country. For a full two years he had sufficient control of the government that he could have balanced the budget. But he didn't want to. He had the opportunity to really make a difference, and he blew it big time.

Foxfier said...

opioid addiction

Not actually true.

The death rates are going up, because various drug dealers started dusting their stuff with extremely strong forms of synthetic opioids, and the "high" vs "dead" level cannot be free-handed.

ligneus said...

Sad, I thought General Mattis had more common sense.