Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Give Amari Allen A Break

You can hardly blame her. She was a young lady imitating what she saw all the flashy, famous and fatuous grownups doing: cosplaying battles against Hate. Here's the story.

I'm being serious here, not snarky. Maybe she was having a really bad week. Maybe her Instagram selfies hadn't gotten a lot of likes and she wasn't invited to the Cool Girls sleepover the week before. Those kinds of things mean a lot. In concrete terms, her Hate hoax wasn't any different than a thousand CNN panel discussions where they all effectively agreed that if we just did away with this word or that statue, then a 73% illegitimacy rate wouldn't be a big deal.

Having raised a girl and seen what they go through over social standing anxieties, it's no wonder someone like her decided to put on a Monica Rambeau costume and go join the Superfriends at the MSNBC Hall of Social Justice.

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Travis said...

We've inculcated the dreaded society of "men without chests" as C.S. Lewis discussed in The Abolition of Man; kids have no anchor these days. They're taught a lukewarm philosophy of be nice and tolerant and stuff in school with no foundation for why that should even be the way they act. It's no wonder then they blow with the wind of every social media fad.

A complicit and often duplicitous media that looks for every possible "hate" story in a spirit of rabid confirmation bias certainly makes it all the more attractive for people to commit these hoaxes. You get free press from journalists who are so indoctrinated in PC nonsense that they wouldn't dare even think of questioning your account of the "hate" committed against you. Even if the narrative doesn't add up, it still has the "ring of truth" that their itching ears want to hear when it comes to affirming their worldview of evil oppressors hiding under every rock and behind every tree.