Tuesday, October 22, 2019

NYC Schools Focus On Egyptian History

I mean, they must. After all, they spend so much time studying denial.

Denial. De Nile. The Nile.

Get it? Denial? The Nile?


Sorry about that.

Here's the link. Here's the tidbit about rampant fraud in NYC schools.
Going to class is not required to receive a city diploma.

It’s not widely advertised, but under Department of Education rules, students cannot be denied credit or  graduation “based on lack of seat time alone.” ...

“They could skip class most of the year and not deserve a grade, but as a result of attending one week and doing work sheets, they could get credit for an entire year’s class,” a Forest Hills teacher said.

The teacher sent students to (one week of academic) boot camp, but did not provide any work for them — and did not grade their work — so doesn’t know whether the students learned anything.
Of course this happened. It had to happen. If they didn't do that, they'd have to take a socially unpopular position and come out in favor of traditional sexual morality. It works like this.
  1. Lots of sex with no moral boundaries.
  2. Kids are born to single moms.
  3. Lacking the added labor and resources that come from a married family, the kids grow up ill-prepared and ill-disciplined.
  4. In neighborhoods where illegitimacy is common, the community can't help out struggling single moms.
  5. The kids go to school and fail. Many of the kids also go to school and disrupt things for the kids who are working hard to overcome their disadvantages.
  6. The actual graduation rate is very low which would reflect badly on the teachers because we blame the teachers for failing kids even though it was the parents who created the mess in the first place.
  7. The education industry fudges the numbers by coming up with fraudulent ways to claim the kids graduated.
  8. Once the kids graduate, the teachers are safe from the predations of ill-disciplined, illiterate young people, so long as their union contracts see that they're paid enough to live outside of the bad neighborhoods.
  9. Profit!
It's all done so #1 never has to be discussed. We would do anything, even trash generation after generation of kids so that we didn't have to mention anything at all about #1.

And that, my friends, is a river in Egypt.

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