Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Come To Gormok State Where Everyone Gets A Diploma!

Dig this.
For students who fear they can’t get into college with mediocre SAT or ACT scores, the tide is turning at a record number of schools that have decided to accept all or most of their freshmen without requiring test results.

Meanwhile, two Ivy League schools have decided that many of their graduate school programs do not need a test score for admissions, fresh evidence of growing disenchantment among educational institutions with using high-stakes tests as a factor in accepting and rejecting students.
Next up: Easier and easier grading until these universities look like Camden High School.
Camden High has horrific stats. 
  • Only 4% of the students can read anywhere near grade level 
  • None can do geometry 
  • 2% can handle algebra 
The kids aren't even bothering to show up. 91% are chronically absent, which means they've missed at least 15 days of school during the year. 32% of them have been suspended.

On the plus side, 54% of them graduate.
What other result would you expect? If they didn't do well on the standardized tests and that's considered oppressive and racist, what happens when Gormok State flunks them? That could only mean that State is now oppressive and racist and we can't have that.

On the other hand, we could address the root cause: family breakdown.


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