Saturday, October 05, 2019

Mr. Banks, #EatTheBabies!

A bunch of things are coming together right now, a harmonic convergence of suicidal tendencies wherein it looks as though, all things considered, we should leave the planet to robots with massive bank accounts.

Tucker Carlson and Douglas Murray in speeches and books have pointed out the undeniable and morbid fascination we have with encouraging women to get into and stay in the workforce. There are plenty of proposals for government-subsidized daycare to let Tricia and Taniqua drop off whatever child they have with a caregiver, ASAP, and rush back to improve the bottom line of Megacorp.

When I watch sports on TV, I note the themes in the ads. Almost every one of them features more than one woman devoutly engaged in furthering some commercial enterprise. Almost no women, no more than 1 in 20, I'd say, are home with their children. No, they're all thinking up new products for Megacorp to sell when they're not wading through water to fire an M-16 at America's foes.

Finally, there was this spectacle wherein a lefty loon or a righty troll told AOC that we need to start eating babies if we want to save the Earth. Note how no one in the audience shouts that this madness. Instead, I detect a waves of thought surging through the crowd wherein they wonder if things might come to the point where eating babies will be necessary and others calculating just how much CO2 a toddler or two a month on the dinner table will save.

All of which leads to the song below from Mary Poppins which is simply crying out to be rewritten. In the new version, a young, cockney girl would be arguing that what she really wants is a pretty wedding, a handsome husband and plenty of fat, little, cooing babies. Instead of bankers, she'd be surrounded by politicians, green-haired lesbian activists and technology tycoons telling her the benefits of multiple college degrees and a continually-advancing career.


Travis said...

Uncritical acceptance of the progressive zeitgeist has led to incalculable misery. Surely all women need to be happy is to work outside the home! Simple practical questions (who will care for the home and children then if Dad AND Mom work fulltime jobs?) are completely swept away in starry eyed idealism. We just proceed headlong in ideological furor and then try to triage the casualties after the damage is already done - free birth control to keep those blasted babies from ruining your career! Free daycare to prevent those blasted children who got through (or God-forbid were wanted) from ruining your career! What could possibly be more worthwhile and fulfilling than being a cog in Megacorp's machine that improves the bottom line a bit?

K T Cat said...

Travis, that comment was absolute genius.