Wednesday, October 16, 2019

How Dare You Disrupt My Game Of Let's Pretend!

The best take yet on Greta Thunberg came from Gad Saad. The punchline at 0:50 never fails to make me laugh.

Greta came across the sea to bring a message of accusation to the West. When I first saw her video, the way she huskily said, "How dare you!" reminded me of a 1950s drama where the leading lady is haughtily giving some cad a dressing down. I wished Greta had been wearing opera gloves and had some guy on stage with her in a tux to slap. It would have been perfect.

While Greta was sailing across the ocean, her boat loaded to the gunwales with scorn, China brought another coal-fired power plant on line. They're building one every two weeks or so, with predictable results.

Note that the time frame for the growth rates is purposefully chosen to make the US look bad. If they had chosen, say, 2008-2013, we'd have shown a decrease. Mathematically, a 5-year period would have made more sense than a 1-year period, but this isn't about honesty or science at all.

This is cosplay. Her speech and the onanistic gasps of pleasure from the eco-masochists in our Elites was completely detached from reality. As Douglas Murray might say, it was deranged and it was deranging. That is, it's simply insane to castigate the West for carbon emissions because it isn't happening. It's also designed to make you insane as you twist your brain, looking for a way to validate a lie.

All of this is done so that the Social Justice crowd can keep playing Let's Pretend. Every day, they put on their superhero costumes and rush out to battle Hate or White Supremacy or Global Warming Climate Change. None of those things exist in America to any significant extent, at least not in a way they can actually fight. It's all fantasy and if you do or say anything to interrupt their game, you will be silenced or shouted down.

The attacks on dissent are there so that they can keep feeling the joy of fighting enemies that don't exist.

Note: I had to grab the embed code manually off of YouTube to share that video with you. Normally in Blogger, you can search for a video by name or by the YouTube ID in the URL, in this case wn4tEP69N6s. Blogger will then auto-embed the video for you. Well, you can search for them unless YouTube has blacklisted them in an effort to hide them from searches. No, our free speech rights are not being infringed by Megacorp. Not at all.

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tom said...

My Twitter today had some mentions of curing the ozone hole in the 1980s. Wouldn't it be a great demonstration of human power if we were able to create then destroy an ozone hole on demand? Might convince some of the skeptics.

Personally I think the earth is simply returning itself to the pre-cataclysmic cooling event times where dinosaurs roamed a naturally high-temperature planet.