Tuesday, November 20, 2018

You May Not Be Interested In The Culture War

... but the culture war is interested in you. That's what Leon Trotsky would say these days.

I had an interaction with a progressive today that shocked me. I know enough to not take a position one way or another on the social justice topics of the day, but the fact that I was ambivalent enraged them. They dialed the crazy up to 11 instantly, complete with f-bombs. It was like dealing with a violent psychotic, which is something I've done in a past life. Thank God the interaction was online.

I hastened to agree with them, gave them what they wanted and ducked out. I had absolutely zero confidence that anyone in authority would have given me any protection at all. It was chilling, to say the least.

Leon Trotsky - A progressive who liked violent rhetoric and violence in general until he was killed with an ice-axe. I'm guessing at the point where the axe entered his body, he began to consider the possibility that he should dial it back a bit.


Ilíon said...


You said "a progressive", which implies a singular person; in which case "they" is not correct.

My point is that the leftists are *shaping* your thoughts via language, and you don't even notice it.

K T Cat said...

I agree that they are shaping my actions - I absolutely edit what I say and write in public. As for my thoughts, well, that's actually true as I will reveal in a future blog post.

Have a happy Thanksgiving, amigo.

Foxfier said...

"They" is actually as correct as ignoring the "error" of splitting an infinitive...in English.


I've had some boggling experiences in real life. Where I responded politely, because the person was a stranger and it was startling.

I've got a bad reputation with relatives, because those tactics don't work when I have more than two seconds to consider it.

It makes for "trouble."

But, amazingly, cut down on teh ambush politics. Thank you, Sir Winston Churchill.

(Explaining: he was BAD with off the cuff responses. So he trained himself for what to respect, and now is known for really good off the cuff responses.)

Foxfier said...

(as I like Latin, but think trying to reform a language to a totally different language's grammar is more suited to a scifi story than to real life, I do not hold to the idea of inorganically enforcing Latin rules on English)

K T Cat said...

I'm usually pretty good with grammar, but I don't see this one. Which sentence? Also, I am happy when someone corrects me. I write in free thought mode and am a fast typist, so it's not unusual for me to rush right by a mistake and never notice it.

Oh, wait, you're hitting on the plural vs. singular thing, right? Yeah, I just don't agree. It feels right. I get what you're saying, but I'm with Foxie on this one.

Ilíon said...

It's not a matter of trying to force English to conform to Latin grammar, it'a a matter of conforming to English grammar, and especially not letting leftists and-corrupt-and-dictate the language you use, and thus the thoughts that you think.

Saying "they" when English grammar requires "he" "feels right" because for longer than you have been alive, man-hating feminists (and masculinity-hating leftists in general) have been bitching about "non-inclusive language" (as they now call it).

Foxfier said...

No, it means that just like demanding "may" in non-formal situations, rather than "can," people have been trying to enforce removal of the singular they for a very long time.

Ilíon said...

Falsehoods remain falsehoods even when one does happen to recall from one moment to the next one's stated rationale for advancing the false statement.

Foxfier said...

Ah, yes, the passive-aggressive attempt to inform others that they're wrong about why they do things, they really are doing it for the reason the accuser believes, in spite of there not being supporting evidence, history, arguments.....

Nope. We are all mind controlled, because we don't speak exactly as you prefer.

Ilíon said...

Also, lies remain lies, even when the lying liars who lie them engage in "projection".

Foxfier said...

Funny how that shoe fits you much better than anybody else here.