Thursday, November 08, 2018

On Assignment

Tonight, I'm heading up to the Mount Laguna area to try to take some Milky Way photos. More on that tomorrow.


tim eisele said...

Cool! I love astrophotography, particularly when the camera brings out details that you simply can't see with the unaided eye. Unfortunately, I can't do it much here, because our night skies are overcast something like 85% of the time.

There was one time, years ago, when I went out to take pictures of a conjunction of planets (Mars and Jupiter, I think), but even though the sky was clear, the Northern Lights were so bright that they were more interesting than the planets, so I took pictures of them instead.

Mostly Nothing said...

My son is always telling stories of their adventures seeing the northern lights up there. We have never been up there when the sky cooperated.

Looking forward to the Milky Way pictures. I was about 10 when I really saw the the first time. On a csmping trip in Colorado.