Saturday, November 24, 2018

The Problem With An Improv Culture

... is that you can't predict what's coming next so you can't prepare for it.

I'm working out an idea that there are essentially three religions in the world.
  1. Islam
  2. Christianity
  3. Secular Progressivism*
In Europe and the US, the Secularists are the dominant culture. Intellectually, they're the children of the postmodernists who are trying to discard anything they consider "white" and, more particularly, anything they deem to have come from white men.

That's a problem.

What they're really doing is throwing away 6000 years of civilizational evolution, an evolution based on trial and error. All of that experience is being discarded because they feel it is tainted with "whiteness." The upshot is that they are now forced to create their culture on the fly, like improv performers working out a scene. Each time a new wrinkle is introduced by someone, the other actors have to quickly recalibrate their parts and go along with the flow or they risk wrecking the show and earning the wrath of the others.

Sort of like the feminists who are freaking out over equating trannies with women. Also sort of like the gays who are discovering that Muslims aren't all that welcoming, despite what the academics in the grievance industry say about oppressed groups banding together to fight patriarchal whiteness.
The 2016 survey was carried out by ICM and it revealed that 52 per cent of British Muslims think homosexuality should be illegal, compared with 5 per cent among the wider population.
Then there's the problem of what to do about men. The secularists did away with the white, patriarchal tyranny of chivalry. Hurrah! They also did away with feminine modesty and chastity. Hurrah! Now they're trying to figure out how to re-civilize men. Whoops! Don't worry, they'll get there. Oh, wait, now people aren't reproducing and men aren't pursuing college or careers. Quick, hold another conference so we can solve that one!

Was it always this complicated to be a guy?

And therein lies the rub. The secularists, as they build their Rube Goldberg machine of a culture, are making everything up on the fly with no manuals like the Bible or the Koran and having discarded the experience of the icky, white, male West, are finding that Hope and Change isn't a plan. It's kind of a mess.

This simple demonstration illustrates how we will achieve societal peace and harmony while pursuing every conceivable sexual desire and abandoning the traditional (YUCK!) family.

* - What an unwieldy name! I don't like it at all.


ligneus said...

About the Rube Goldberg 'machine', it must have taken an enormous amount of time and ingenuity to set up, now I don't know about you but my time is far to valuable to spend on such frivolous and useless pursuits. Or maybe I'm getting old!

Great post but it always jars a bit when I see Islam referred to as a religion.the nutshell version is that it is a cobbling together of elements of Abrahamic and Christian religion to disguise it's true nature of being a power hungry ideology with more in common with Marx than with true religion. Yes I know, Marxism in another ersatz religion.

Love the title of Raymond Aaron's book, Marxism is the Opium of the Intellectuals.

Foxfier said...

I favor "calvinball" that has been modified so that SOMETIMES you can destroy rules, probably by adding enough "unless"es.