Wednesday, November 21, 2018

If You Leave Illinois, We'll Give You A BMW

Illinois owes $129B in pensions. There are 12.8M people in Illinois. That works out to about $10,000 per person - every man, woman, child and transgendered otherkin. If you and your current life partner live together in an open arrangement with one adopted child of indeterminate gender and one elderly relative, your household will be responsible for about $40,000 of that debt.

On Carmax this morning, I found this lovely 2018 BMW M240 for about that price. Note: when that car gets sold, that link probably won't work any more. Sorry about that.

A late-model BMW sports car or paying off a debt run up by politicians buying the votes of selfish, fiscally-illiterate, government employees. Hmm. Is that a tough choice? Over at Crain's Chicago Business, some youngster has penned an editorial that says Something Must Be Done. It's sad, really. He's just now waking up to the realities that his pension-imbued Illinois Public Teachers Union members left out of his education. There's only one thing that will be done, sweetie. Someone's going to take a bath, either you or the elderly. Right now, it's you.

That is, unless you move to another state, in which case you won't be on the hook for the bill and you can go buy that Beemer. Just do the rest of us a favor, OK? Try to learn something from this and don't take your blue state idiocies into a red state and ruin that place, too.

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