Sunday, November 11, 2018

The Manual Doesn't Lie


I spent a little time today trying to figure out why I hadn't been able to set the shutter speed when I took my night sky photos a few days ago. The manual said to turn the front dial to adjust the speed. I didn't see a front dial, so I kept turning the back one and nothing happened.

It turns out there's a small front dial on the, err, well, front of the camera. Duhhh. I spun the dial and the shutter speed changed.

No worries, I discovered the other morning that the night sky where I live is not too bad and I might even start with some moon photos just to get the hang of it.

That is, now that I know the front dial is in the front.

1 comment:

ligneus said...

I see your problem, since the way you hold and look at a camera, the controls, the viewfinder is and are on what logically should be called the front and the side behind that, the 'front' side obviously is the backside, just like your bum is your backside, your 'front' dial is behind what should be the front side but is called the backside and so therefore should be called the 'back', the illogicality of this back to front belongs to the maker, you are therefore excused . Hope this clears up your confusion.