Monday, July 30, 2007

Would You Kill Your TV for a Million Dollars?

First, read this.

Then watch this.

Any questions?


Foxfier said...

What world is THAT guy in?

My family has bought a total of three TVs-- if you count the one my dad got when he got out of the Army during 'Nam, which we used until I was 12-- and we never get pay-per-view. We made our "entertainment cabnet" fifteen years ago-- it's very easy. The only valid cost is that we've got DISH TV, and the cost of that is less than it would cost to keep my mom in books otherwise. (Dad would need a few more newspapers, for that matter.)

Natalia said...

I gave up cable a year ago. I get so much more stuff done now. I don't think I ever WANT it back. Saving money makes me happy too.

Besides, not watching TV means I get to put together awesome blog posts and the first ever edition of The Laughing Cat (it's up now!)