Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Looking for Links

After some careful consideration, I've decided to act on my earlier post about my reading habits strongly influencing my writing. I'm going to delete all of my politics-related links on my portal. There's not many of them, but they were the ones I used the most. That leaves 8-10 links open for anything in the world.

What wacky, informative, funny, thought-provoking or otherwise interesting links should I put in their place?


Justin said...

Deadspin. Definately.

Anonymous said...

Do you think there is something wrong with your views, influenced or not? I've enjoyed them. Nothing wrong with branching out, but it sounds as if you feel guilty, and I don't know why.

K T Cat said...


That was a very kind thing to say. Thanks!

Political posts make me combative as a writer and then as a person as well. The more of it I read, the more I think of my next post to make a point.

There have been many times where I've felt that my tone on the blog has been way too abusive and all of those times have been on political posts.

This is kind of an experiment to see what happens to my writing tone and subject selection if I change my reading habits.